An App to Recognize Others
Created by a mother and daughter so that wonderful people can shine. They believe in giving back, honesty, and, most importantly, The Golden Rule.

How does it work?

Follow these quick and easy steps to recognizing individuals who are making a difference in your community.

Step One: Nominate an Individual for a Good Deed

Acknowledge an ordinary person because of their exemplary action by logging into the application and submitting a nomination that gives an explanation of their work.

Create a Golden Action Account

You must create an account to make a nomination. There are beautiful people who do not wish to be seen, so after creating an account you are able to make the nomination anonymously or recognized.

Pay a Small $1.99

With this payment you are not only allowing this person to shine, but you are making the first donation to a charity of the nominees choice.

Nominate this Wonderful Person

Write a story, post pictures or both! By nominating this person, the world will now be aware of their good deeds!

Share Share Share

Tell your friends and your friends friends! Post the nomination on social media or text it to your friends. Whatever it takes to let the world know of their good deeds.

Vote as Much as You Like

Pay 0.99 cents to submit a vote from yourself. As with the nomination, the payments are donated to a charity of the nominees choice!

Repeat for 30 Days!

The nomination is active for 30 days until award time!

Step Two: Watch the Votes Grow

Make sure to share the nomination via social media to increase votes. People from anywhere can vote and they can vote with any donation. Make sure to tell your friends!

Step Three: Award Time!

Watch as the nominee gets their award. A Golden Action Award Coin for all their friends to see, and a certificate to share online. Make sure to check how much was donated in the Nominee`s name as it changes every time!

Accept the Award

The nominee will be notified of the award they have recieved and will recieve a sticker reflecting this action.

Choose a Charity

They will then choose a charity to donate the money recieved from their votes


A local nomination sponsor will then donate the money to that specified charity!

Head Category

For an individual who has shown exemplary action through their witts!

Heart Category

For an individual who has shown exemplary action through love and compassion!

Hand Category

For an individual who has shown exemplary action through hardwork, persistence, and giving back!

Health Category

For an individual who has shown exemplary action through facing or helping others endure health challenges!

Step Four: Repeat this Golden Action!

Congratulations you've successfully acknowledged a person for a good deed, however, with every Golden Action, the best way to continue on is to do it all over again!

Interested in working with us?

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